CPPCC Provincial Committee held a plenary session of the proposed Committee to discuss the 2016 prop

Recently, the CPPCC National Committee of the CPPCC proposal Committee held a plenary meeting to discuss the 2016 proposal for consultation program. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Luo Zhaoyang attended and spoke.The

meeting, the proposal Committee was informed of the work of the proposal since the four meeting of the eleven session of the CPPCC, introduced 8 key proposals to the four meeting of the eleven CPPCC Provincial Committee identified and 7 special committees under negotiation proposals. The committee members held a heated discussion about the theme of the meeting. To give full play to the overall function of the committee, the committee meeting decided to divided into 6 groups, respectively, for economic, social and legal, education, environmental protection, people’s life and ethnic and religious aspects of the proposal review, proposals for consultation and participate in activities.

members believe that the four session of the eleven CPPCC proposals for the overall quality has increased, sectors of the proposal from scratch, the focus of the proposal involves a wide range of issues on the proposal focused masses for negotiation concerned, member group will help to improve the proposal to review the accuracy and effectiveness of management.

Luo Zhaoyang stressed that the standardization work proposal needs to play all the members of the Committee and members of the whole function of the proposal in the proposal review, supervision, investigation and consultation for the positive role in the activities of the members; to give full play to their own advantages, and actively participate in the meeting, the usual proposal to review the work, and actively participate in the committee carried out the proposals for consultation in order to improve the effectiveness of the proposal for the activities, to make positive efforts.


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