The four most severe to build a safety net on the tongue of the masses in our province

The most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, which is the provincial food and Drug Administration firmly establish and implement the concept and requirements. In 2015, the concept and requirements in the practice of reform and development, so that the people of the province’s food and drug safety has been effectively protected.

  2015 is the third year after the establishment of the provincial food and drug administration. This year, the Council accepted the law and making administrative approval matters 4068, time completion rate of 100%; complete the re registration of drug approval number 605, the approval number of the cancellation of 1 drugs, food production license cancellation of 25; the drug production and business (wholesale, headquarters) quality management standard certification number of enterprises respectively 43 and 81, accounting for 84% of the total required certification and 86.2%; investigating the food and drug law cases since 532, involving the value of 22 million 670 thousand yuan, banning unlicensed 10 households, destroyed and dealt with fake drug dens (Gang) 47, ordered to suspend business for rectification 61; check processing 1139 people to report complaints; the joint public security organs to investigate 5 cases of major cases and 47 criminal cases, arrested 20 suspects and arrested 17 people, keep the Dajiazhilie high pressure situation; completed 6900 batches of food and drug Sampling monitoring tasks, sampling monitoring pass rate of 90%. Amendments to the development of various types of regulatory system more than 10, finishing compilation of normative documents and systems of 160. The province did not occur systemic, regional food and drug safety incidents.

The people of the province of

in order to ensure the safety of the tongue, a year ago, the provincial food and drug administration to actively build a "four most" food and drug supervision system, in the process of promoting regulatory reform and other reforms, always put the grasp of "three basic" construction in the first place, strengthen and perfect the supervision system to governance; to solve the problems in food and drug safety as the focus, to carry out in-depth in all aspects of food and drug production, management, consumption, investigation and remediation of potential risks, to achieve substantive results in governance table pollution; supervision for many points, wide, long and weak supervision, supervision mode of innovation as to enhance the efficiency of supervision breakthrough, comprehensive use of information supervision, information disclosure, social governance, promoting the efficiency of supervision for the foundation base of continuous improvement; The outstanding problems in the work of grasping the project construction, optimize the allocation of resources, strengthen training, to further enhance the supervision and technical support capabilities; formulate and implement "on speeding up the construction of the food and drug supervision departments of the government under the rule of law implementation opinions", strengthening the legislation, law enforcement and law, legal supervision department of the construction of new achievements.


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