Today the 22 teams in the Xining circle

In July 6th, thirteenth Lake Race Xining criterium will officially begin, this is the long-awaited grand visual feast for the public, then the tournament 22 teams will bring the audience for the city’s bicycle sport speed and passion.

it is understood that the Xining criterium race distance of 122 km, the starting point in the silver antelope street and tulip crossroads, the team starting from the silver antelope tulip street and West crossroads, turn left at the first crossing into Yuen Street, then from Haiyan road ride into the road victory, victory from the road all the way to the Yangtze River Road, the Yangtze River Road enter the West Main Street, into the Cold Lake Road from West Main Street, from cold lake road to the West Road 54. Finally, from 54 West Road through the underground passage back to the main street, and then to the end. Xining criterium is a total of 7 laps, each lap 17.4 km.

in addition, due to the need for competition, the city traffic police will be on the road along the road and traffic control, please go ahead of the road when people choose to travel. At the same time, CCTV sports channel will broadcast live on Xining criterium, unable to reach the scene watching people can directly watch the game on tv.


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