Recruitment site presents three characteristics

Second evening

July 5th job seekers face large fairs, is still a kind of comprehensive recruitment, involving real estate, IT, finance, automobile, biology, commerce, logistics, food and other industries employing units, including department manager and senior management personnel, professional and technical personnel, engineering and technical personnel. The high-end jobs, there are also sales staff, administrative clerks, accounting, maintenance, security, drivers, welders, cashier general post, the recruitment of accounting, sales, administrative clerk three class majority. Reporters on the scene learned that the recruitment will show three characteristics.

– enterprise recruitment more serious stability. Many recruiters are by common consent said, what they need most is mature and stable job seekers, was placed in the first place, "if the enterprise demand for talents to sort the words, the first is stable, followed by strong learning ability. The company hopes that employees can grow in the company for a long time, do not leave 35 months." Small West of the recruitment of staff said that this year’s graduates give priority to professional counterparts, the previous graduates pay attention to the length of time in the previous company. Agricultural Bank of China Qinghai branch of the recruitment notice is clearly written by the annual salary increase of 10% in order to retain talent.

—- enterprises have the value of training staff. The recruitment will be higher employment positions, many companies have played a recruitment manager, director, marketing director and other job requirements. Although the enterprise has certain working experience of supervisor, director of integrated marketing planning, and other requirements, but for excellent graduates, can be used as reserve personnel training, although they have no work experience, but a quick mind, strong learning ability, professional training and practice guidance, soon job requirements.

—- most companies pay high sales staff. Xining Deshi Trading Co., Ltd. to provide 30 jobs, the Commissioner of Commerce 6, up to 6000 yuan monthly salary. Sales staff told reporters that the sales force is the main force of the enterprise, marketing work has an important role in the development of the company, the company attaches great importance to sales staff, the use of performance pay in the form of encouraging employees to challenge high salary. A reporter interviewed a job seeker said he had been engaged in part-time sales, although the development of large space, but to face the challenge, so he turned to apply for administrative clerk. (author: Song Jia)

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