Three creative poetic name resolution

now almost every shopkeeper knows, if you want to shop business is booming, you can attract more consumers, the shop name above need to be treated with caution. However, how to name, but plagued a lot of shopkeepers. Here, Xiaobian to introduce three creative and poetic name, can let the shopkeepers make reference.

parents give their children names, consider a lot of factors, the name should have meaning, to good. The owner of the shop to his name, is also very particular about, and some are linked to their names, some in order to Geely, as well as in order to". The names of these stores, creative, poetic, people look at it will never forget.


" has a double meaning

in Taonan, there is such a clothing store, the store owner named for the clothing store". The clothing store in that clothing store is opened at the beginning of May, only engaged in women, as to why this name, because a shop selling clothing reflects according to the price to sell, said the store clothing cheap, two is to borrow celebrity, to attract customers.

fool hotel called real

There is a restaurant

in Songyuan City, the name "fool Hotel", a lot of people passing in guessing the meaning of the name, the hotel male boss said, we all know that the name is a fool, the hotel, is said to the shop to eat affordable.

"is a poetic

Fenglin night"

is there a hotel in the city of Songyuan, "the name of Fenglin night" three words, in a warm and poetic. "There is not such a poem," parking Fenglin love to sit late ", the name of the shop is on the basis of this poem from the." A staff member of the hotel said.

What a

store will take a name what, in fact for the business of the shop has a very big influence, only to attract consumers, such business will explode. So, if you name the shop now, do you know how to do it?

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