Landslides in Zhejiang Suichang 27 people lost contact

in the face of natural disasters, human beings are extremely vulnerable, but also extremely tenacious group of life. Although we can not prevent the disaster, but after receiving the notice, we need to do a good job in a timely manner to prevent preparedness. The typhoon "Meranti" and "catfish" has affected the south of Zhejiang, Southwest Zhejiang sustained heavy rainfall. Yesterday at 17:30 PM, Haruki Su Village natural village Zhejiang town Lishui County Suichang north mountain landslide, a number of houses were destroyed, many people lost.

today at 9 in the morning, Suichang county Party committee and government issued notification that, according to the current understanding of the situation, causing landslides buried about 20 houses, 17 houses water, 3 people were rescued, 10 people managed to escape, 27 people lost contact, 1 of them for the mass transfer of the town cadres.


dozens of meters under the mountain body sliding raised dust

friends shot a video display, the incident, dozens of meters high mountain suddenly slide along the slope, and raised white dust.

another video display, after the incident, near the village houses completely collapsed, rubble, brick, wooden beams scattered on the ground, a mess.

reporter learned that the incident is a geological disaster point, 12 noon yesterday, the local cadres have helped the villagers transfer of the more than and 20. Some villagers do not want to leave, in the process of persuasion landslide.

According to

reports, site landslides formed lake, the water level rose, has organized the masses near the evacuation, rescue and rescue group has mobilized related equipment for disposal.


1200 more than one person involved in the scene rescue

9 this morning, Suichang county government issued landslides reported that according to the current understanding, the landslide collapse amount of more than 40 cubic meters, 3 people were rescued, 10 people managed to escape, 27 people lost contact. At present, Suichang is the focus of all forces, lost to search for and rescue personnel, troops stationed in Zhejiang, public security, armed police, fire protection, communications, electricity, sanitation, township and village all forces of more than 1200 people, rescue at the scene of the emergency rescue, and the mobilization of pumps, excavators, forklifts and other rescue equipment and supplies.

7:50 last night, 1 pregnant women (leg fractures) were rescued; 20 minutes, 1 elderly people (women) were rescued; 20:10, 1 elderly men were rescued…… Another 10 people managed to escape.

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