Xue Pengxin play a good business booming car


is the shop to do business, but in the "cars" invested enormous energy, which makes a lot of the same shop operators of Xue Pengxin do not understand. However, Xue Peng Xinzheng is because the car, on the surface seems to be worthless, but business is more prosperous, sought after by many consumers.

Xue Pengxin was a pilot in the army. After demobilization, he declined the arrangements of the local government, he took demobilization funds as a start-up capital in Taoyuan District opened a supermarket. Because of the love of the car, coupled with the needs of business, he bought a private car. Because he is willing to drill Ken, in the vehicle maintenance and repair experience.

in recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the district where the car has a gradually increased, the district where the car has a cluster of know Xue boss has had a big hand in vehicle maintenance and maintenance, they not only to the supermarket shopping: the boss, sometimes to dig through, to exchange ideas with each other. In the course of contacts, the district where the car of a cluster gradually and Xue Pengxin as a teacher, every vehicle do not understand what the place will come to him for advice, in vehicle trouble, will let him go to the scene to guide.

lover Zhang Fang complains that he is very busy all day, do not keep the shop, to help others to engage in estimation of vehicle, is simply worthless. Worthless people like him, should be very difficult to do his business, but on the contrary, small supermarket business more than around wondering how to do business operators all day. Not only the area where the car of a cluster to purchase him here to sell goods, even temporarily out of the car, ready to buy a car or residents came here to join".

residents Ms. Zhang told this reporter, but the veteran boss Xue family car, although I do not have a car now, but intend to buy a car, go now to join his business, is to lay the foundation for future. You don’t usually go to the supermarket to contact the feelings of others, then, buy a car, not familiar with the knowledge of the vehicle, will inevitably seek to others, then cramming, not only make people embarrassed, and I also feel shy.


District in the car of a cluster gradually increased, but many people are novice, to know the knowledge of vehicle is relatively small, so Xue Pengxin used store event driving, vehicle maintenance and maintenance of simple knowledge in printing Haotie panels, every day to learn, there are so many people watching area residents, Mr. Lu has just bought a new car, but a regular here.

he said, don’t look at these small chunks, Can Xue boss car experience, he not only the novice can understand, and the operation is simple, because it is not inside the advanced theory of knowledge. The reporter asked, do you often come here to buy goods? Mr. Lu said, that is, of course, not only to buy their own, but also

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