2016 investment in food and beverage to join the crisis

food and beverage industry to join the venture is known as the lowest threshold of choice, but want to do a good job is not so simple food. Its business difficulties lies in the industrial chain is very long, the need for a variety of talents. Good because it just needs, high frequency, strong relationship.


2015, the catering industry has been able to change the decadent state, standing in the cold winter in the forefront, is the result of two invisible power driven.

O2O battlefield

below, we simply see several events in 2015 catering O2O:

1, had completed 140 million yuan C round of financing

2, a complete $100 million C round of financing, the $300 million D round of financing

3, Baidu additional Baidu Nuomi 20 billion yuan investment (within three years)

4, Baidu takeaway complete $250 million strategic financing

5, a good cook completed 100 million yuan B round of financing

6, radius of life to complete 300 million yuan C round of financing

7, hungry to complete $630 million F round of financing

8, point I get more than 100 million yuan C round of financing


9, the U.S. group and public comment, was voted 2 billion 800 million dollars in New Year’s

10, Huang Taiji completed 250 million yuan B round of financing

11, delicious, etc. do not complete about 500 million yuan C round of financing

12, hungry for Ali $250 million investment

the forces against each other, playing in the battlefield is a murky sky over a dark earth, enough to show that the cake is more delicious.


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