Fifty thousand yuan venture capital to invest in what projects

now, everyone has their own business ideas, the key is to find a suitable project, if you only fifty thousand yuan, what can you do to join the project to make money? Today, the whole network of mice to introduce some fifty thousand yuan can easily make money to join the project.

5 million venture to make money a good project:

, a shop for the project recommended: Men’s underwear shop

said the woman Qian Haozhuan, most clothing manufacturers and businesses will be the main energy input to the female market, the male market has been in a neglected state. The blind area of many foreign manufacturers targeting the mainland market, vigorously seize the city often through their investigation, that modern men bear greater pressure, plus the reason for male shopping psychology, they entered the mall when the goal is clear, is not willing to waste a lot of time to find you want to buy items. Therefore, men open places exclusively convenient has been adopted by many shopping malls, from the special men’s underwear shop popular such as Hangzhou’s "remarkable, cool" men’s underwear shop.

because the specific target customer, the location is very important in men’s underwear shop. The main points of site selection are: quiet in the downtown, convenient transportation. Although "popularity" is very important, do not have to choose the flow of people in particular the main road, too "Wang" is not conducive to attract lots of customers in the door, but the traffic must be convenient. The best choice in the relatively mature business district, the surrounding young people are relatively more communities and apartments. Area of 15 – 25 square meters can be, do not need too much. Address should be able to describe a clear, easy for customers to find, so as not to appear ineffective publicity. Some people choose shopping malls in the corner or counter. The store’s overall style is simple and clean.

The main consumers of

two, shop for the project recommended: Baby souvenir shop.

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