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to the breast relaxation 3 reasons

two: bra chest SUDI gross management main fabric Lycra cloth, non-woven fabric, light cup core, chest strap, elastic belt, steel wire, back hook, adjustment ring, strip, left wing, decorative flower, suture…… What are you talking about? – bra?!

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics.

The incidence of breast cancer

, however, found that women who wear bras for more than 8 hours a day are about two times as likely to develop breast disease. This is not sensational. Incomplete statistics from the hospital breast clinic found that one in four women aged 25-45 years had different degrees of breast disease.

3, C CUP is not prepared to meet the challenge. More than 60% of Oriental women are A or B CUP. In addition to fitness need to wear sports Bra, usually do not have to worry about sagging breasts.

freedom of the breast from the free mind – that is, we have the absolute right to own body. We don’t want those pressure in the body of the heavy eyes, we want to breast freedom, because we treasure should be healthy.

A: male breast

is what makes breasts not free? In 1907, French vocabulary Brassiere first appeared in fashion magazines, since then, Bra has become a part of the female Fashion. Women’s efforts to manage their chests with wire and lace are starting to grow. However, scientists have discovered the secret behind the high incidence of breast disease – 80% of women in the world are wearing inappropriate bra every day, wearing a bra more than 8 hours a day more likely to develop breast cancer.

rivals new attitude are women seem to please others complex. For the United States and do everything is for men’s eyes. But whether the discussion to the exhaustion of treasure with men in their own body? Survey results in men make women surprise. A bra trick slightly foundation man can see through, the tall, cleavage are wire and pad bearing results.

almost every woman with a bra to wear those who walked the crowded small parts that day. Can choose to give up the bra is a minority, although more comfortable. In order to get a beautiful pass, some people are willing to move the knife, what to wear a bra?

anxious is rising. These are all with us

1, comfortable freedom. This is a big reason.

support so as some beautiful? Or some of those natural sagging breast prettier? Up like the waves of the pipeline works, but their breast relaxed style. Whether dish type, bowl type or vertebral type, as long as the health of the natural beauty. This is a new survey of 90% men’s breasts.

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