What is the name of the mother and child shop

each store has its own name, the name of good or bad business and sometimes may be directly linked. Just like naming your child, it’s a matter of happiness and worry. The name of the mother and child to open the shop is also the case, then how should you give yourself the name of the shop to provide you with a small baby shop name to follow the four principles.

is the first heuristic association principle

shop name has a certain meaning, see people will go to Lenovo speculate why this name, of course should be a positive association, so the name is more easy to remember.

The second is to read good principle


baby shop name, has been to many consumers, still can not remember the name of the shop, or from time to time to forget, this is generally not good reading by name, which is not easy to be remembered by. What kind of store name easier to remember how to do?? the following points, simple name — simple, concise, and easy to exchange information and consumer name is shorter, the more likely the customer reverie, meaning more abundant.

again is to support the marker principle

if you pay attention, is well known in the market the name will be markers, such as McDonald’s M logo, although these marks can not use language to express, but will soon be remembered, even never forget. So, when you go shop, also want to consider using the sign of what kind of material.

finally is not to imply that the shop operating type

some entrepreneurs in order to let consumers know what to buy inside the product, to the shop to a shop can reflect the type of business name. However, it is reasonable to do so, not too much. Because once you increase the days after the business scope, the name may not be appropriate, will affect the exchange shop before the consumer awareness.

above is about the mother and child shop named some principles, I hope to join the business can play a certain role in helping, only choose the name, so join the shop can be more at ease. Mother and child to open the shop to choose the name, so as to be able to roll, business is booming.

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