What skills need to open pasta stores

pasta stores as a small investment, back to the fast food and beverage project is a very suitable for the hands of less money entrepreneurs. Although it is a small business, but in fact there should be a perfect service, good service will allow consumers to be very happy psychology.

1.  establish a good first impression. Neat dress, elegant manners, love to cut the greeting, warm smile, etc., can be the first time the point closer to the psychological distance between the guests and guests, the rapid development of more reliable communication channels.

2. full of confidence. Have solid business knowledge and rich work experience to do support, at the same time mastered the ability to communicate freely, and guests can interact well, effectively receive and transmit information, enhance credibility and persuasion;

3. self initiative and endurance. In the face of setbacks, such as frustration, can be targeted to self adjustment, patience to explain and solve problems;

The importance of

4. role playing. Don’t let yourself become a guest "secretary", allowing guests to read their recipes, listen and record, to play the dual role of customer diet consultants and business sales representative;

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