Chinese business women’s list to witness the success of women entrepreneurs

in Chinese, now women can hold up half the sky, no matter what a social field, almost all can see the figure of women, at the same time, China women have made some of the achievements in the business world is remarkable.

2015 in July 1st, Forbes Chinese version released 2015 mainland Chinese business women list. This is the second time Forbes launched the mainland China business women’s top 100 list.

"Chinese in mainland top 100 women in business" list, HUAWEI chairman Sun Yafang once again the champion, in simplified focusing strategy, management, pipeline to improve operating efficiency, HUAWEI terminal business growth in the first place, to achieve global sales revenue 288 billion 200 million yuan, net profit of 27 billion 900 million yuan.

is of concern is that the electricity supplier giant Alibaba small micro financial group CEO Peng Lei (6), Ali, chief financial officer of Wu Wei (19) and B2B business group president Wu Minzhi (49) to the list, three female executives open Forbes precedent for an enterprise while the list of. In September 2014, the Alibaba group successfully landed on the NYSE, the total market value of up to $231 billion 400 million, becoming the world’s second largest market after Google Internet plus China company, the largest Internet plus listed companies. Ali’s listing is not only the birth of the world’s richest man, one of China’s richest man, one of Japan’s richest man, up to tens of millions of millionaires, etc., will also be the company’s 34% female executives to focus on the community.

can be seen in the hot field of science and technology, female executives are becoming an important role, from one of the most promising business to the most important department. The delicate feminine toughness, create more potential for career development, their participation, will make the business recommendation

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