How to break Taobao shop sales

no matter how good the product description, the shop’s pages do beautiful, but if the store has not been sold, because it is a virtual platform, will not be able to obtain the trust of consumers. In short, there is a different place to Taobao and other platforms that can see monthly sales data for each product, the data to derive a lot of third black industry, this is the basis of sales industry, referred to as a single brush.

no one is willing to do the first person to eat crabs, you have no basis for sales is no one dares to buy, this is no problem, if you see no sales of the products will not buy TA heart, the same reason. So, the basic sales must be broken, but also broken to a certain number, two goals: one is the basis of product sales go up, the weight of single product increase, the search ranking will be in front, even if a sales than zero by many. The two is to boost the credibility of the shop as soon as possible, in any case must have a heart, bare what did not dare to buy, where users.

how to break the basic sales, this is really not easy, several ways for reference:

1, relatives and friends to help:

, old classmates launched laws ex girlfriend, who you can find, it will not break force to ask them to help you take this to break the zero product, do not let people take white, truly express to send a small gift to express gratitude, but also the way of service and the effectiveness of different express. This method is quick, safety is extremely high, just remember, when you help brush friends to visit the home is absolutely not allowed to use your WIFI on the Internet, or use your computer landing landing Taobao want, otherwise, you will also be arrested.

said that this is not too embarrassed to find people to help, and do their own Taobao small business, let people say a joke, if so, you simply don’t do Taobao, or get a decent job. Even the faces are not pull down or can not find people, you are also not suitable for doing business, for you as a writer writing.

2, professional brush:


must be cautious, now Taobao to catch a single relatively strict 2015 double 11 will be more strict, often not artificial catch, is a system investigation, without too much effort to see the various online what fine brush ah, what ah, what steps without a single brush ah, nonsense, is only catch with don’t grab Taobao, Taobao’s own rules are enacted different penalties according to the number of different single brush.

if you want to brush, to pay particular attention to is that, first, try to find a safe and reliable brush organization, this is not referring to a single brush security, but that you do not be cheated liar money, this brush organization

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