Jinning County Kunming County the successful convening of the general assembly

Kunming city Jinning district built

County Council recently in Kunming City, Jinning become after Wuhua, Panlong, Guandu, Xishan, Dongchuan, Chenggong, Kunming City seventh district. Jinning district were related to leadership and the Agricultural Bank, China Fudian bank, rural credit cooperatives signed a cooperation agreement with the Kunming government bank, edge Biological Technology Development Co., Kunming City, Chongqing Qijiang chamber of Commerce responsible person signed an investment agreement on the project, the construction of new material industry and environmental protection investment rosemary production project.

at noon, Kunming key projects and the focus of the project started in Jinning District ceremony held. The focus of the project started to participate in 70, covering industrial, commercial and logistics, cultural tourism, infrastructure and other fields, the project total investment of up to $23 billion 860 million. In 70 projects, involving industrial projects, cultural tourism industry, warehousing logistics, advanced equipment manufacturing and other 8 categories of 34; involved school hospital expansion, public utilities and livelihood construction, Luqiao construction of 4 categories of 36 infrastructure projects.

Jinning is located in the south of Dianchi, has a long history, the Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty Zhou Dynasty is a genus of Jinning Liangzhou, yongzhou. At the end of the spring and Autumn period to the early Han Dynasty, Jinning is the ancient Dian haunt. Tang Wude four years (621 years), Jinning Queensland, to Dianchi County Jinning county. The Yuan Dynasty, yangquancoal castle wanhufu of Jinning, changed the giant bridge wanhufu to Kunyang state. In 1913 the state for the county, Jinning Prefecture, said Jinning County, said County Kunyang yang. 1958, Jinning, Kunyang County into two Jinning County, County resident to kunyang. November 2016, the State Council approved the withdrawal of Jinning County district.

The administrative area of Jinning

change, let more people see the development process of Yunnan city economic circle integration, focus on the implementation of industrial restructuring and upgrading, infrastructure investment breakthrough, China Unicom, city, improve the quality of services to enhance the effectiveness of the protection of the ecological environment, the six projects work overall requirements for the construction of Jinning into for South Asia international travel health care area, the ancient Dian Zheng He cultural city ningxinjuli, hard work.

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