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if suffering from breast disease in pregnancy is not cured, after pregnancy can lead to increased proliferation, causing acute mastitis. While women in lactation once suffering from acute mastitis, not only affect the baby, and acute suppurative mastitis if treatment is not timely, may lead to the high mortality rate of inflammatory breast cancer. Therefore, experts suggest that women had better be prepared to do a breast before pregnancy.

Wang in the 20 days before the birth of a baby, but a few days later she suddenly felt chest pain badly, especially when the baby, the chest is burning pain, to the hospital for a check was actually acute mastitis, the doctor advised Ms. Wang puncture treatment, to suck the breast abscess, Ms. Wang can listen to the needle then away, a delay is 5 days, really finally could not stand the pain that before treatment, while her breast in the necrotic tissue, only surgery drainage.

reporter yesterday from the city MCH hospital learned that acute mastitis patients increased significantly in recent years, the female is due to pregnancy no timely detection and treatment of breast diseases, leading to pregnancy induced acute mastitis. In this regard, doctors recommend that women receive breast examination before pregnancy.

City MCH breast department director Gao Chunguang introduced nearly two years of acute mastitis patients increased significantly, analyze the reasons, a female body after childbirth resistance decreased vulnerable to infection; in addition, patients with breast disease increase is a very important reason leading to increased in patients with acute mastitis.

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