2012 the most profitable clothing franchise business

clothing business has been a hot industry, in 2011, the clothing market is a harvest year, investors have earned pours, the whole network Xiaobian for you to analyse in 2012 the most profitable franchise brand clothing, so that you can easily get rich in 2012.

multi style?? let no longer "aesthetic fatigue". Do not ask for more quantity, but pay attention to the diversity of style. Each year more than 12000 kinds of children’s products, every 3 – 7 days on the shelves of goods will be updated, always gives a fresh feeling. Increase customer loyalty.

features? "Painted" the one and only you?. Glyn fairy tale for children to experience education, to provide hands-on opportunities, children’s works can be drawn on the shoes, bags, t-shirts. Let children participate in the cultivation of sentiment. Become a new profit point.


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