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jujube tonifying spleen and stomach Yiqixue, rich in carotene and vitamin B- C, vitamin B etc.. A group of three terpenoids containing as effective anticancer component, eat jujube can enhance physical fitness, prevention of breast cancer.

in addition to the breast, but also pay attention to the armpit lymph nodes. With the thumb and index finger press the nipple, carefully observe whether there is abnormal secretion, such as bloody secretions or purulent secretion. If it is clear or milk secretion is normal.

breast care most afraid of 3 kinds of food:

relax lying down, put a pillow in the right shoulder, right hand bend to the head, the first method of repeated "touch", check the right breast. The left breast is examined in the same way.

breast health eat 5 kinds of food:

1, kiwi


4, lying

5, mango

kiwi fruit is a treasure, vitamin C content of 4 to 12 times the orange, Apple’s 3 times, grapes, the times of 60. The research shows that the substance can block the body nitrosamines generated, which have anti-cancer effect is good, for the prevention of breast cancer.

eat more meat, not only excessive intake of calories, but also will eat more cholesterol. While cholesterol stimulates the body to produce more hormones, the vast majority of breast lumps are associated with hormone secretion. Therefore, women often eat low-fat diet, the incidence of breast problems is relatively small.

will be left up to the back of the head, with the right to check the left breast, with fingers lightly breast lumps or nodules, feel. From the beginning of the ring to do clockwise clockwise examination, gradually outward about three or four laps, until the end of all the breast examination, and then use the same method to check the right breast.

1, touch

breast self detection method:

2, see

face the mirror, his hands naturally drooping, carefully observe the size of both sides of the breast symmetry, there is no normal protrusion, skin and nipples are sunken or eczema.

can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, eliminate stagnation, inhibit cancer cell growth, and rich in vitamin C, suitable for the digestive tract and female reproductive system cancer, such as gastric cancer, breast cancer patients.

4, jujube

citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, orange, lemon and kumquat, are rich in vitamin C, can prevent the formation of nitrosamines, suitable for gastric cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer patients to eat.

2, citrus

3, hawthorn

1, meat

women eat mango, have the role of prevention of breast cancer. Studies have found that the cell division cycle is broken by polyphenols, which may be a mechanism for preventing or inhibiting cancer cells.

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