2016 mattress joined the top ten brands list

a good sleep, depends on a number of factors, of which a high-quality sleep environment is also very important. In short, the "bedroom" for the day, especially in the fast pace of modern society, people have higher requirements on sleep. A good mattress can not only make you fall asleep quickly, but also bring you a comfortable sense of well-being. Now let Xiaobian to introduce the mattress in 2016 to join the top ten brands, so as to give investors a better choice.

2016 mattress joined the top ten brands ranked in the top 1: Elmar Poetry (Emers)

Elmar Poetry (Emers) is an international brand in recent years, mainly engaged in the development of mattresses related products, design and production. And the first to put forward the concept of high-end sleep home. Elmar poetry products because of its sexual sleep experience, best-selling European and American markets. 2013 officially entered the Chinese mainland, and Chinese consumers meet. International advanced production technology makes Elmar poetry in the material and process technology through a number of international certification, including the international authority of the highest mattress – International Sleep Association (ISPA) certification.

2016 joined the ten mattress brand Ranking Ranking 2:Simmons (


it is understood that an American businessman Zal · by selling furniture; Simmons is the world’s first soft spring mattress of the invention, 100 years ago, people all over the world have slept on the hard wooden bed, a lot of customers to complain about the Simmons bed is too hard, so he began pondering how to let you sleep better. In 1900, the world’s first spring mattress wrapped onto the market, has changed people’s sleep habits, you name it with the inventor’s name, Simmons also used his name to set up brand spring bed. Simmons (Simmons) China market has now become the most popular brands.

2016 joined the ten mattress brand rankings ranked 3:Sealy (Sealy)

Sealy Sealy, headquartered in North Carolina, is currently the world’s largest mattress manufacturing company. Sealy Sealy was born in 1881 in Texas Sealy (Sealy town), after one hundred years of development and growth for the world’s largest bedding manufacturer and one of the most famous brands. Every night for more than 80 million pay attention to the quality of sleep quality sleep. Sealy (Sealy Chinese) into the market is a new experience.

2016 joined the top ten mattress brand rankings: 4 Xilinmen mattress

The annual production capacity of

company’s core products is 1 million

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