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[introduction]: as the first comprehensive breast cancer screening project, "millions of women breast screening project" from the beginning has been high hopes. But now, let the project sponsor, China Cancer Association honorary chairman of Professor Xu Guangwei is helpless, it should benefit millions of women into a big thing, but eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled embarrassment.

for Xu Guangwei, this life most want to do two things. First, cure more patients with cancer, but from decades of experience make him understand that you want to do this thing, cannot do without second, early prevention and treatment of cancer is to do. "The experience of screening in western countries tells us that it is important to carry out the census to promote the early diagnosis of breast cancer and improve the survival rate of breast cancer patients." Xu Guangwei said.

first, the hospital is not active. An anonymous expert to reporters calculations, if the purchase of all equipment required for the project, as well as the census of imported cars, to spend about 3000000 yuan. This eliminates the majority of the community hospitals that should have been responsible for screening. As for the leading Hospital of medical technology strength, it is a waste to buy a set. In this case, how many hospitals have a positive

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second, the subject that the price is not high. Although the project designated hospitals to participate in the census of women to provide price concessions, each charge of more than 200 yuan, but for many Chinese women is still not a small number. Moreover, even if you can really find the problem, there is no way to form a real health management files, there is no way to connect with the hospital treatment, no practical significance for patients, time-consuming and laborious.

but things didn’t go as smoothly as Xu Guangwei had imagined. In 2001 he began writing the project preparatory program, intermediate because of lack of funds, almost wasted scheme. Until the end of 2003, Xu Guangwei, who wrote a letter to the State Council Vice Premier Wu Yi to win. In March 2004, the Chinese Anti Cancer Association launched the "million women breast survey project", the first nationwide breast cancer screening program.


project shows that in order to become a designated hospital, "according to the unified standard construction survey, an area of 150 square meters or car equipped with centralized installation of all census, census equipment", of course, these are the purchase of air china. Although Xu Guangwei also gave Air China requests, including equipment, the quality is better than the market price is low, not to the hospital rebate, but the problem is still emerging.

project started difficult

business companies involved in many

project started, but still unable to fund. In desperation, only China anticancer association, the introduction of social capital, and Air China Tianjin science and Technology Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China) signed a cooperation agreement. But did not expect that the commercial model will make the project stalled.

third, check means across the board, check the quality of personnel

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