Venture into new power Zhejiang returnees talent capital to achieve marriage

developed private enterprise has been the backbone of the economic development of Zhejiang Province, after the birth to the innovation and development of Zhejiang, Zhejiang continue to seek a breakthrough, and actively cultivate attract talents, innovative and entrepreneurial talents to settle in Zhejiang attract strong capital investment.

"here (Hangzhou Sea Park) is relatively loose and open business environment around are innovative enterprises, very suitable for business." From Sichuan overseas high sonorous has now in Zhejiang Hangzhou Haichuang Park (future technology city) "settle down", by the sea park policies to attract high, loud carry wisdom and technology, Zhejiang founded Hangzhou bingte Polytron Technologies Inc.

"talent is the core element of innovation, the province’s governments at all levels should adhere to the talent first, gradually put more resources into the human body, make Zhejiang become the high-end innovative entrepreneurial talent highland." Governor of Zhejiang Li Qiang talent strategy to a new height.

It is reported that the current

, combined with the overseas intelligence and private capital has been very popular in Zhejiang, a new force for promoting local economic transformation and development of strategic emerging industries.

private province facing shortage of talent in   the government spent making talent highland

"Zhejiang compared to Beijing, Shanghai is lack of educational institutions, the relative lack of talent in science and technology, although after the reform and opening up, the talent share increased significantly, but in all parts of the country’s personnel quantity, also can only belong to the second level." Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences Xu Jianfeng, director of the Institute of economic research, such as the lack of talent in Zhejiang.

"Zhejiang in this regard (talent introduction) the advantages and disadvantages." Professor, School of public administration, Zhejiang University, Chen Lijun, said in an interview with reporters.

We lack the basic platform for the introduction of the

", this is a very obvious disadvantage." Chen Lijun said that Zhejiang is a small coastal province, no large-scale industrial countries, the lack of large scientific research institutes, recommended

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