Join sets Sibao earn money


sets Sibao? Kaifeng is the most delicious food. Delicious dishes, has been attracting a lot of franchisees and consumers eyes. If you also want to succeed in business, you may wish to consider joining the four treasures? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious!

sets Sibao is the capital’s traditional dishes, a dish called "". The "four treasures" in the vast vast set of chicken, duck, pigeon, quail, thick aroma, fresh taste, wild four in one, four of all bird nested, one was complete, without a bone. Whenever a few banquet dinner dish, the dish with blue and white porcelain plate end, show in front of the diners is that shape a complete, floating on the soup in the whole duck. Its bright color, mellow aroma.

when the end of the first layer of fresh food and delicious duck, whole chicken fragrance came into sight; chicken, pigeon and delicious taste of the whole face appeared, and finally in Dove goes to show a full body, belly full of sea cucumber Ding, letinous edodes silk and bamboo shoots quail. A variety of dishes taste, not fat is not greasy, refreshing and delicious aftertaste. Set of Sibao is Ya martial art, fine workmanship, color flavor is very exquisite, making time-consuming technique but three hard not to, you don’t get good or not is the most complex meateviscerate, be absorbed in, like the art of sculpture. With the neck opening, the bones one out, a prototype. Although some places as thin as paper, but still have to fill the water does not leak. After four sets of boning bird body, leg legs become one.

joined the project sets Sibao, open their own set of Sibao stores, the first step to success. Simple way to join the choice of the best choice for small business. Join the project sets Sibao, what are you waiting for? Come on!

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