Princess want to get rich in order to promote entrepreneurship employment

there is an old saying: the poor children early masters! Indeed, poor children will have more perseverance, more hard-working, and those who grew up living a rich life like a princess, we tend to be defined as spoiled, but really can Overgeneralization? Let’s take a look at the following story.

2008 The family is in straitened circumstances. years, my father fell a big fall in business, the company suffered serious losses. As in the TV series "the fallen Princess" as the story, Zhang Qinjiao left the house, had played the most common life. But the four years of University The family is in straitened circumstances., Zhang Qinjiao is still optimistic, like many girls, she stresses, the pursuit of fashion.

2012 a dream place to start in June, Zhang graduated from the University of Qinjiao. "My worst number and mechanical hanging branch." Zhang Qinjiao embarrassed to say that he did not get a diploma, looking for a job has become the most headache thing.

"not back home farming." Unexpectedly, this sentence with her boyfriend complained, Zhang Qinjiao became the opportunity to choose entrepreneurship. Her idea was supported by her boyfriend, he thought a lot of policies are vigorously support the development of agriculture.

2012 by the end of the year, Zhang Qinjiao talked to his parents about his ideas. My father gave her a trick: a piece of 30 acres of land in Dalian Shilong village home, can rent for planting, but the family has no ability to support her entrepreneurial economy.

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