After the end of the college entrance examination should pay attention to what matters

college entrance examination has ended, the students worked for ten years, finally can relax. Parents in the back of the hard for more than a decade, and finally relaxed down. Because of this double relaxation, so, a lot of tragedy happened in the country. In fact, this time, parents will need to play their role of supervisor. So, after the end of the college entrance examination, the child is in a state of extreme relaxation, parents should say to the child?

as a parent, first of all to understand the child’s completely relaxed feeling, allowing children to do something that has not done before or can not do. For example: stay up late to watch movies, TV, and classmates around, etc.. In the face of the child’s self relaxation adjustment behavior, we recommend that parents should be made to the child 10 notes:

1. let the children immediately review, reference answers for gufen. But parents don’t complain or give. In particular, when scores are high, to avoid the results after the announcement, the child can not accept the gap and go to extremes.

2. don’t overeat or watch TV or surf the Internet (2 straight nights). Within a week, you can’t do a lot of outdoor activities.

3. concerned about the child’s psychological emotions after the test. If the child did not test well, parents must not give blow, ridicule and complain. And should tell the child nothing, this is a normal phenomenon, remember that this is an experience, but also unpredictable events! If the child feels good, but also to stabilize the child’s mood. Note that he is feeling rather than the result. In order to avoid the psychological gap between good and bad, so that children can not face their own face.

After two weeks of

4., you can do career orientation test and participate in some of the survival, psychological challenges of experiential training.

5. students can play at home, but in order not to give students and parents to add trouble, in principle, not at home to eat, sleep.

6. three weeks later, parents and children together may attend school enrollment, professional restrictions, the provisions of the arts and Sciences, admission scores and other preview. Be familiar with voluntary reporting rules and procedures, and mark them to facilitate inspection and audit.

7. to professional institutions to understand the current employment trends and professional development of College students.

8. must not force the child’s professional choice. You know, if the child likes the profession, then in the future study in the university will have enthusiasm. Any major, as long as the students learn well, there will be a good job. Do not let the children have a "I am helping mom and dad in the school (Professional)" experience, and slack >

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