Hospital acquired flowers can not make any money

in the eyes of investors in general, the hospital and flowers combined, can only be a local sale, however, the small business opportunities provided by the small but not the sale, but the acquisition. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to such a venture to make money without a good idea, which is the acquisition of flowers in the hospital.

many people in visiting the sick, and will buy a basket of flowers sent to the patient. Basket is very good, but not every flower can be placed in the ward, because many pollen are harmful to a patient, will affect the improvement of the condition. But many people buy flowers do not know, only to see the good buy. Because of this, rich ideas just come.

saw this passage, do not think that I will call you to teach the guests how to buy flowers. Ha ha, or do not talk nonsense, published no money to get this idea. In front of that, because some flowers harmful to the patient, so flowers are not suitable for ward, so you can seize this point, go to the hospital to buy flowers, and then get to the florist to sell. Of course, you must first contact with fresh flowers. General flower shop will be.

general hospital every day there are many patients to the hospital and hospital of rich people more, send flowers to people more, some units may one day there will be several beam, if you speak well, can persuade the patient or his relatives, you’ll earn money. If the patient is not willing or your eloquence is not good enough, you can give the appropriate gifts for the patient, so that he can easily put flowers to you, or take the money directly to recovery.

generally a bunch of ordinary flowers are dozens to hundreds of. You sell flowers to an average of 25 yuan a bunch, a day to collect the last 5 (very conservative figures, normally more than this figure), a month down there…… You calculate it, rather than playing an ordinary work much better.

implementation points:

if you can understand the knowledge of flowers is better, easier to convince patients.

this opportunity is probably many people do not think about it, but you think carefully, is not that is indeed a good business market, worthy of your choice? So, if you are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, will consider such an opportunity?

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