O2O entrepreneurship is not so simple to guard against these three traps

e-commerce era has come, many people are optimistic about O2O entrepreneurship, which is indeed the most popular topic. Are you planning a O2O venture? O2O entrepreneurship is not as simple as you imagine, the trap is more, the following three traps need to be cautious.

: a cognitive trap

trap two:

solutions in the technical side is even more so. When the business owners can not understand the O2O, then the person in charge of the technology can only do one thing, is to do the internal operation of the solution, rather than O2O solutions. In fact, the person in charge of technology is also facing great difficulties, because he must understand O2O, understand fresh goods, understand the store, not only to understand the logistics, can be developed, but also have to face the choice of WeChat services, WeChat store, APP, website. If there are kinds of mode selection, then there are 4 kinds of technical solutions, then do, the only solution for the opportunity to apply 1/12~1/16. This is a very painful thing. This does not take into account the technical personnel and internal communication problems.


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