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" published by the said 16 women to drink half a litre of fresh tea, add skim milk tea and white boiling water. Two hours later, the arteries of their forearms were examined. The results showed that the ability to contract the walls of the arteries of people who drank black tea was significantly improved, but the effect of the group of people who received the milk was not obvious. Marriage tips: milk tea is a high sugar, high oil, high calorie food. Add the tea cream, coconut oil made from, drink more fattening, coconut oil contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, the body will accelerate the production of cholesterol, blood fat will rise rapidly, the formation of atherosclerosis, a large number of long-term drinking, easy to suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

tests show that although tea increases the blood flow rate by increasing the contractility of the artery wall, the effect of the milk is completely hindered by this beneficial effect.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among women with a single disease in the world, !

over the years scientists have warned that drinking tea is beneficial to the heart. But a new study suggests that adding milk to refreshing tea, or tea and milk (tea) at the same time, will destroy all the health benefits of tea ingredients.

German researchers said that the reason for this result may explain why the British tea popular culture on heart disease had no obvious inhibitory effect, because the majority of British people have love in tea with milk.

. Statistics show that the incidence rate of cardiovascular disease in women is 10 times the incidence of breast cancer, and become the direct threat to the life of women, the number one killer, but because of the error in cognition, cardiovascular disease in women is very easy to be ignored, and once was found to have cardiovascular disease, have been very serious.

"for a long time, the epidemiology of the world almost unanimously show that the male cardiovascular morbidity and mortality than women, therefore, over the years the incidence of cardiovascular disease in women did not cause people’s attention." Study on cardiovascular disease, Guangdong General Hospital, deputy director of the Institute Professor Yao Hua pointed out that in real life, most women know how to prevent breast cancer and skin cancer, but most women do not know their cholesterol is high, do not worry is not to have a heart attack. For fatigue, dyspnea, nausea and discomfort, pain and symptoms such as abdominal pain, many women will choose to "get to" get over, however, these seemingly ordinary symptoms, you may well be the cardiovascular "a strong signal weakness"

milk tea is actually a secret killer of women’s heart

The results of this study in the European Heart Journal "

has statistics show that a large number of drinking milk tea for more than three months, blood fat and cholesterol will rise. The streets selling some tea had a little milk, no tea ingredients, full cream tune against. Just because the combination of oil and sugar, milk tea cream is not manufactured goods, and a lot of sugar, almost no calcium also has great harm to the body.


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