What small free service can be offered to open the store

the same store, the operation of the product will not have a lot of difference, consumers no matter what shops will not have a difference, which also makes the shop more competitive. What’s more, now the store is facing not only the same industry competition, there is competition in the shop. So, do more detailed management, the development of the store’s business will naturally be of great help. Among them, if you can provide a number of small free items, will be very beneficial to the development of the store business. So, what kind of small open shop can provide free services?

1, candy: take the initiative to give the child a candy bar, directly into the relationship with the customer, it is easy to find some of the children on the opening topic: "this child is really cute……" Candy is a stabilizer, can let the children a little comfort for a while, otherwise, the child crying to go, the clerk more words will not work. So, what kind of candy? In general, big brand high visibility is appropriate, such as Sugus Swiss sugar white toffee candy, golden monkey Hsu Fu Chi, also like Nestle Carlton single packaging waffles, good brand, high degree of acceptance.

2, a large mirror: mirror set a strip in the store, the customer into the store, you can get a look in the mirror, dress down easily organize what. At the same time, when the man in the mirror, brain image correction, that is to say, according to the time when people in the mirror, the mirror image looks better than reality, customer their mood will be better, and is conducive to the clerk of the communication.

3 Cup: give the customer a cup of water is one of the basic services category, but the cup is also very exquisite, general store with the cup is disposable paper cups and plastic cups, now pay attention to some of the customers see is this cup, just don’t water. In order to provide quality services in detail, consider replacing the better quality aviation cup.


4, shopping district near the clerk should be familiar with the situation, when the customer asks the information to other businesses within the District, or procurement plan, should promptly inform the relevant information to the customer, the customer draws a simple map can be the best.

5, toilet: when the customer asked whether there is a toilet, if the store has a toilet, can provide customers to borrow, if not, should also be timely to tell the customer the location of the toilet nearby.

6, mobile phone charging: the big screen smart mobile phone use is cool, but the power consumption is also a problem, the store can consider the purchase of the base type charger, on the counter, with text annotation form, can remind customers in this free charge, and prepare a variety of charging interface, convenient for various temporary charging mobile phone the customer.

7, a weighing device: find a small corner, placing an electronic weighbridge.

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