Shandong Zichuan introduced 4 zero policy support entrepreneurship

We all know that

entrepreneurs when entrepreneurial activities often will encounter many problems, the risk of one of the biggest problems should be entrepreneurial, but now entrepreneurs don’t worry about this problem, because the emergence of zero cost venture projects.

in June this year, Zichuan District, Shandong city of Zibo province to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship and create a good ecological environment, introduced the "Zichuan district to promote the implementation of the views of" zero cost entrepreneurship, bring new vitality to the city development. This year, has helped 2336 self-employed entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurship, driven by more than 8000 urban and rural workers to achieve employment.

4 zero policy to reduce the burden of entrepreneurship

In order to solve the problem in

in the accommodation, rental to take the form of the building of the Zichuan District youth business apartments, free of charge to the enterprises to provide living.

"4 subsidies 2 relief 1 priority", enabling enterprises to grow

2015, the district government has invested 10 million yuan to set up a business led employment support funds, in subsidies standards, small loans, carrier of entrepreneurship awards complement etc. give enterprise support and recommendation

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