Jiangsu Fengxian County Rural Party members and cadres to take the lead in promoting entrepreneursh

rural entrepreneurship is one of the most effective means to promote rural economic development and increase farmers’ income. Jiangsu, Fengxian County to play the leading role of Party members and cadres, leading the county farmers to learn entrepreneurship training, to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in rural areas.

the rural grass-roots party organizations play a role on strengthening political guiding function, improve the service ability level. As a relatively underdeveloped Fengxian County, most farmers expect, the most urgent is to go through, build up the family fortunes on comparatively well-off road. To this end, Fengxian County County Organization Department aiming at this demand, through in-depth research and analysis, and adhere to the education and training of Party members as a powerful starting point to enhance the quality and ability, rural Party members and cadres to promote the county rural development, so that each party cadres play a good exemplary role, to lead the masses to the undertaking, for the full realization of a higher level of well-off society escort.

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