An infant smart thermometer began to venture

now people on the road of entrepreneurship can not avoid them mechanically, need to pay attention to innovation and discovery, because the times are in progress, so the pace of entrepreneurship and ideas also need to change at any time.

as human basic health indicators, the temperature is relatively constant is one of the important conditions to keep the normal life activity. Since 1714, Gabriel · the invention of Fahrenheit thermometer in the past hundred years, the traditional thermometer has gradually become the medical people in the family "just need to". In 1988, the electronic thermometer appeared, while the traditional mercury thermometer will gradually be eliminated due to harmful mercury.

this for Chen Hailiang and other intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, is undoubtedly a big market: mercury thermometer is eliminated gradually, the detection data of the thermometer is easily affected by the external environment, and can real-time and accurate temperature detection and comprehensive analysis of large data intelligent temperature to provide professional medicine according to the age.

with Chen Hailiang, entrepreneur reporter summed up the following 3 features treasure retainer:

1, heat transfer technology. According to its introduction, at present all intelligent thermometer is single side temperature, no heat source, which causes the heat from the side of the absorption, from the other side to escape, resulting from the recommended

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