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breast cancer can be cured?

breast cancer can be "immunotherapy"?

at least 40 years old to

can achieve clinical cure

this article guidance experts: Guangdong General Hospital, director of breast, breast science leader Professor Liao Ning

in recent days, 21 year old Wei Zexi suffering from synovial sarcoma died of concern, which had accepted the medical treatment process expensive "immune therapy" treatment. In this regard, Guangdong General Hospital, director of breast surgery, breast science division leader Professor Liao Ning said: this therapy, at least in the field of breast cancer treatment is not the best treatment." She further pointed out: "in breast cancer has been the standard treatment of the disease, there are still many patients being fooled, some patients before doing ‘immunotherapy’, found no effect to treatment, this is not normal. In the field of breast cancer treatment, there is no standard for immunotherapy in all the guidelines, clinicians should dare to criticize the phenomenon of abnormal diagnosis and treatment."

professor Liao Ning said, for early breast cancer patients, the treatment goal is the most likely to achieve clinical cure. WHO (WHO) patients to achieve 10 year disease-free survival defined as clinical cure. As early as 2

data show that China’s annual new confirmed cases of breast cancer accounted for 12.2% of the world, the incidence of new growth rate is 2 times the world average, while the north of Guangzhou and other large city is the hardest hit of breast cancer. For breast cancer mammography screening, the U.S. Preventive Services expert group recommends that women over the age of 50 can be screened, the American Cancer Society recommends screening for more than 40 years of age.

there is no standard

this, Professor Liao Ning pointed out: there are some irresponsible publicity in the community, said the woman should be 30 years of age to start screening mammography. While Asian women breast is thin, fat content is relatively small, molybdenum target rays will be absorbed by the lungs and breast, premature screening will increase the risk of breast cancer. In the absence of screening data for Chinese people, it is recommended that at least 40 years of age and then to receive molybdenum target screening." In addition, Professor Liao Ning added: "for young Asian people, breast examination is the best way to B, but because clinicians technology is not consistent, B ultrasound examination can not be used as a screening program; while the infrared light is not feasible, although the NMR method is best, but the inspection cost is too high".

method to criticize the erroneous phenomenon, when Professor Liao Ning admitted that the important thing the doctor should do include: one is the doctor’s own doctor of education, Education Department of breast hospital in accordance with the guidelines and familiar with operation for patients; the two is to help patients and their families clearly woke up, not on the network search, but by the doctor is to guide to ensure the best treatment, the patient’s right to know, and to help patients understand the disease and to fight disease.

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30 years old can do mammography screening breast cancer?

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