Anhui Higher Vocational Colleges Shang Ke innovation and entrepreneurship alliance was formally es

can be seen from NPC and CPPCC, 2016 was a year of innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to give a better foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship, Anhui province is immediately into action, the higher occupation colleges in Anhui province (Shang Ke) innovation alliance was formally established. Ignite entrepreneurial passion, flying dream of success!

proposed alliance three big dreams: to create a well-known brand of double alliance; will hatch in depth, with the help of Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship Committee innovation base, three new board accelerator base, China dream story creation base, the Organizing Committee China Chinese Chinese dream entrepreneurs Union, about entrepreneurial university science and Technology Park and the provincial government forces, efforts to create a a national incubator, creating more than three times the benchmark venture enterprises, to create a new era of "little Ma Yun"; the Union and the future cooperation contract to build the first Anhui and Hefei vocational education group.

Han Bing on behalf of the Hefei Municipal Committee, Hefei recommended

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