Bakery investment cost analysis

real, our entrepreneurs do investment is nothing more than to make money shop, the most fundamental problem is the money problem, this is the problem that everybody cares most, to find their own suitable investment funds must be within the scope of their affordability. Take the bakery, many customers will often ask us how much money to invest in a bakery, bakery industry has become a hot spot, many people want to belong to their own bakery. So how much does it cost to open a bakery, and how long will it take to make a profit? I believe a lot of baking entrepreneurs are very confused about it. Here is a simple way to tell you how much it costs to open a bakery?

bakery investment cost analysis:

shop analysis

simple bread shop is divided into three forms: one is the general store, one is a franchise store, a flagship store.

if you want to start your own business, open a general bakery, do their own brand. Shop area is not greater than 120—230 square meters, is the rent alone, is not a small number.

is 120—230 in the bread shop square meters, many shops are baking entrepreneur development hope best business model, 80 business area, kitchen and storage between 60 square meters, convenient operation, no waste, cost maximization, carefully decorated will create a flagship store the effect of its own brand. For the 120—230 store in the flat below the two or three line of the city is also a lot of entrepreneurs who started to invest, to go look at the baking industry, and then open a shop of my own. Sen brand planning company will help you store location can help you evaluate, design, planning, preparation, training, operation, management, product development, etc., while helping you store management and operation of the latter.

The above three

shop mode, which one is good for you, you need to investigate the market, you may settle on the location, others think not to earn money, consumption ability is limited, but for you, you can rent.

investment amount

as for the amount of investment, which according to the different economic consumption level, a first-tier cities compared with a town, regardless of the degree of economic development, and consumption ability, rent and so on will have a big gap. On a second tier cities, for example, specifically about the amount of investment. Want to open the flagship store entrepreneurs, the selection of the store is certainly a large flow of people downtown, so the annual rent is generally 30 – 700 thousand. The flagship store rent Shoufu should be around 100 thousand, the decoration is estimated to be 150 thousand, 10 estimate tool materials showcase equipment – 150 thousand, liquidity > 100 thousand

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