What details can not be ignored in the operating process


business is a hard process, but there are also more details we need to pay attention to. In short, only grasp the details of the work, will make the business get better development. So, what details can not be ignored in the operating process? Let Xiaobian for you to make a simple introduction, so that you can run on more attention.

clothes to decent

in the actual retail, I attach great importance to their own dress, because their dress is not a person’s business, because I will face a lot of customers, so my dress is a respect for customers. I don’t care about their clothes, sometimes busy, a dress for many days, long hair is simply the trouble, shoes are wearing slippers, which gave the customer left a bad impression.

although we have a lot of reasons and reasons, but customers will not consider so much. As a result, some customers on my advice, they reduced the number of times I went to the supermarket shopping, which is the biggest blow to me. When I know the reason, I began to get angry, I think the customer is picky, but when I think, but found that the customer’s idea is not too much.

is also a shopping, since it is uncomfortable here, why do you still buy it here? If I were you, I would definitely choose a supermarket to look at myself. Suddenly I see light suddenly, then immediately adjusted. Even if I’m busy now, I’ll take a little time to dress up. I began to focus on their costumes, make their costumes not fancy, but can reveal formal and vitality, and I will be their head are changed, the effect was different.

when I came out with a new attitude, I was immediately praised by customers.

recommended to avoid false propaganda on real

many times, customers do not understand the goods, which requires our recommendation. However, in the actual sales, in order to attract customers, many of our owners will sell some of the routines of the language is very skilled back down. In the face of the customer, the owner merely blindly into his incessant Taotao discourse, but did not consider the feelings of customers.

give customers the feeling is a bit unrealistic and glib coloratura. This result can only lead to customer resentment, is not conducive to the sale of goods. At the beginning of the shop, I also want to be able to be able to say, in order to attract customers. However, the customer said I do not really feel every word is not from the heart.

later, after a reflection I think the customer said there is some truth. So I adjusted. No longer like before

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