Monitor top ten brands list

today’s society, at any time there will be a variety of risks, unstable factors are too many, so that a variety of monitors will appear in our lives. People do not want to own in the monitored position, but it does in order to prevent stealing, theft, anti crime, so it is still installed the monitoring system, which can make people a relatively safe state in a certain extent, but can not stop. The following Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the monitor of the top ten brands list, look at the monitor brand which!

monitor ten brand rankings, NO.1 Hikvision Hikvision (Hikvision’s security products and industry leading solutions provider, is committed to continuously improve the video processing technology and video analysis technology, provide solutions to leading security products, professional case and quality service to the world to create greater value for customers.)

monitor ten brands list, NO.2 DAHUA (Zhejiang Dahua Dahua Technology Co. Ltd. is a security monitoring system is the ten major brands, ten brands, listed companies in national high-tech enterprises, national key software enterprise, safe city construction China recommended brand, the domestic security industry one of the most influential brands, the leading domestic surveillance products the supplier and solution provider).

monitor ten brands list NO.3, Tiandy TIANDY monitoring system (Tianjin Tiandy Digital Technology Co Ltd, ten brands, well-known (famous) security brand, the national high-tech enterprises, the state trademark protection, Tianjin famous brand, brand-name products in Tianjin City, the executive director of the China intelligent HD video surveillance industry Chinese security alliance, one of the most influential brands).

monitor ten brand rankings, Honeywell NO.4 Honeywell (Honeywell security group, Honeywell security (Chinese) Co. Ltd., the security of the ten brands, belonging to Honeywell international automation control group, is one of the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of electronic security products, "a pioneer in providing one-stop supply and security products integrated security solutions).

monitor ten brand rankings, SONY NO.5 SONY (SONY (Chinese) Co., SONY, started in 1946 in Japan, the global leading brand of high-end imaging, founder of portable digital products, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers in the world, audio-visual and electronic games, communication products and information technology leader in the field.)

monitor the top ten brands NO.6, Samsung security (Shanghai Samsung Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd., Samsung security, began in 1977 in South Korea, the security of the top ten brands, monitoring system > > ten

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