Xi’an Jiao Tong University School of the city held the sixth entrepreneurial innovation cup finals

cultivating entrepreneurship entrepreneurial thinking, a better way of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, therefore, the Department of economics at the Xi’an Jiao Tong University City College held the sixth session of the "innovation cup", the pre final is also brilliant.

in order to create a good learning atmosphere, cultivating students’ creative ability, enhance students’ awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, Xi’an Jiao Tong University City College of economics in March 16th, held in the afternoon of two -213 teach sixth "innovation cup" pre final.

as the contest judges economic department deputy director director Yang Jianquan, Shi Dongmei, Guo Guanke, assistant director Zhang Wukang, Department of economics, Li Maosheng, substitute teacher Hui Chunli Song Shuang, Zhang Meili, Ye Chao, Lian Gongban Yuting etc.. The contest was presided over by Hui Chunli.

preparatory "innovation cup" since October 2015 by the Department of economics, led the teacher carefully guide students to gradually improve the work, through the layers of selection, there are 10 groups of works in the pre final. Judges in accordance with the planning of the entries and the contents of the project design problems and defects in the proposed amendments, and guide the players’ words and expressions.

For the purpose of

the contest to cultivate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, training students’ ability to solve practical problems, but also for the "spark Cup" "innovation cup" "Challenge Cup" the selection of outstanding works.

in the teachers and students to participate in, what we see is the future of the motherland, I believe in more young people’s efforts, Chinese development will become better and better!



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