Milk tea shop where to make money

even if the operation is the same product, but because of the different location, the store will have a different impact on the operation. Therefore, the shop location has always been a very important issue. Milk tea sales in the store are fast consumer goods, through a reasonable location in a relatively large flow of people, from easy access to more customers, to increase the sales of milk tea to make more money.

yesterday, Miss Zhou would like to open a tea shop near the city in the second or 71 middle school, I do not know what to prepare for the market outlook.

Miss Zhou, the reporter went to inquire about the two schools nearby.

Market Overview: store more competitive

and Wuhan No.2 Middle School is the 71 municipal middle school, are located in the Zhongshan Avenue Lugou Bridge Road, the two schools are less than 200 meters. Reporters found that hundreds of meters long street has gathered nearly 10 milk tea shop, and another two or three to sell fruit juice, green tea and other beverage shops. A tea shop owner Wang said, "shop too much, the after-school time is short, and the beverage store, grocery store, supermarket also grab business, our business is not good."

the budget of the investment: the investment of puerile

boss surnamed Wang to reporters just sum accounts, such as the opening of a more than and 10 square meters of the tea shop on the road, the monthly rent of 1000 yuan, the tea machine needs 500 yuan to 600 yuan. Plus tea materials, freezers and other equipment, investment 10 thousand yuan. Due to fierce competition in the vicinity of the school, the cost is difficult to recover in the short term.

Wang said the boss, "the student’s level of consumption is low, mainly rely on small profits."

consumer trends: next to the University of tea sales

, a student at Wuhan University of Technology, said: "the purchasing power of college students should be stronger than that of middle school students. The students are very love to drink the tea, a tea shop near the University and the China division of the business is good."

Wuhan University of Science and Technology, a student also believes that if you want to open a milk tea shop, the location of the university should be better than nearby secondary schools. Of course, the best location in the snack bar next to facilitate students consumption."

so, if you want to open a successful home to make milk tea shop, the surrounding school is a very good natural location. In short, in the school next to, or in the flow of pedestrian street is relatively large, is a very good place to choose tea shops. Want to milk tea shop business is better, in the early selection of tea shops must not be careless.

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