What factors will affect the clothing store Holiday Stocking

during the holidays, major businesses will begin to actively stocking, to cope with the peak sales. However, each business is based on stocking, clothing store holiday has its own many basis. So what are the factors that affect the clothing store holidays? Mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. weather

2. local economic development level

3. fashion

4. local policy

some products holiday sales, with the local policy guidance has a great relationship, therefore, requires a combination of local policy, reasonable stock, for example, fireworks release area, will be in the Spring Festival market, sales increased dramatically, on the contrary, conditional or the designated area of discharge ban, in the stock market, when to note the weight control, whether, after the Spring Festival "the village", there is no sale "the shop", therefore, the need for careful preparation.

in addition, apart from the above effects of external environmental factors, internal environment of the enterprises.

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