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with the development of society, the social status of women is more and more high, there are a lot of women has become one of the strong, for more and more wealth in their hands, female consumers how to finance it, let’s go and have a look!

this period of female investors, has a certain marry and settle down, and then, how to make savings, asset value, family assets escort, often become the key task. Financial planner suggested that in the current era of negative interest rates, female investors in stocks to increase investment at the same time, the foundation can select the configuration of bonds, banks and other financial products more robust financial products to make good fortune "Pyramid".

"during this period in a couple of mutual insurance at the same time, the choice of some securities investment products." Bank financial analyst Li Ji said. He pointed out that because women retire earlier than men, and a longer life expectancy, which determines their savings time is shorter, but the pension needs of a long period of time. In this age of female investors, to make early for pension fund investment is an investment channel now more common.

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