Qinghai entrepreneurial space to build a customer base

in the management of policies to promote Qinghai, Xining city has embarked on a road of innovation and entrepreneurship development, through various policies to support entrepreneurship, to create their own entrepreneurial path in space, a O2O expert hall and other first-class entrepreneurial community.

"build O2O social service office, is to complete outfit matchs completely office, office rent to other entrepreneurs, customers do not need to spend time decoration and layout, through the sharing of time-sharing way to provide office furniture, office automation equipment, professional secretarial facilities and services, so that entrepreneurs need to spend on rent can be easily settled and secure business." Listen to one space project CEO Pan Yue said carefully, the initial question turned to curiosity, O2O social service office in the end is how to operate? What is the difference between it and the traditional incubation base?

"here, you can always share with other entrepreneurs experience, can also regularly hear from all over the country Master about entrepreneurship entrepreneurial story, you can also enjoy all kinds of services," the one "for entrepreneurs to build a platform for entrepreneurship at ease." From the project operation is settled in Qinghai days Yan Jianjun said the Mdt InfoTech Ltd responsible for the sea.

"the project provides a platform for the integration of resources for innovation and entrepreneurship, there will be more room for development in the future." To participate in the first venture in the province’s "one space" project has been recognized and praised by industry experts, we can not help but ask, what kind of team behind the project?

"Qinghai province high entrepreneurial passion, entrepreneurial atmosphere is also very strong, but the entrepreneurial space is somewhat" lonely. "".

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