Feng Shui taboo what

whether we believe it or not, the location of the shop will naturally involve a variety of Feng Shui problems. After all, this has been the attention of Chinese businessmen. So, if the shop location, for some Feng Shui taboos naturally need to pay attention to. So, what Feng Shui taboo shop?

, in the face of the cul de sac.

if the door in the face of death alley, the airflow will be blocked, not smooth, will accumulate oil and gas, will have adverse effects on the aspects of fortune, wealth is easily blocked, there is no way out.

two, the day beheaded

, on the very day cut Home Furnishing office, shops, is the Feng Shui taboo. The so-called day cut evil, refers to the residential or commercial building is two head gap in the middle, the wind blowing gap is formed by day cut evil, evil spirits such as the invisible wind means the knife cut, the LORD your God repeatedly.

three, anti bow road

shops in front of the anti bow Road, is a kind of wealth to the pattern, although the income is rich, but also greatly exceed the budget expenditure, the formation of "money and money left" situation.

four, Lu Chong

if the shop door facing the road, or shops are located in the T-shaped road intersection, make way, easy gas instability, people move, is not suitable for many industries.

five, scissors road

road is a road to go out to see the two rushed into, thefengshui said "scissors", cross field will affect the shop management decision and judgment, normal circumstances should face across the road.

if you shop location encountered such five problems, naturally also need to stay. Many of the traditional things, we would rather believe that it can not be a little more attention to the development of the cause will be helpful. In short, if you set up shop business, such five feng shui taboos naturally need to pay attention to.

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