5 19 China Sea Science Park officially settled in Guangzhou

with the continuous development of science and technology, the industry continued to upgrade. At present, Guangzhou to build marine industries as the focus of high-tech enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship. Below we for the specific situation, do some understanding.

5 19, aims to create a first-class sea science and technology benchmark Park, the sea science and Technology Park in Guangzhou officially settled in the sea, which also marks the successful transformation and upgrading of the city of Guangzhou shipyard project.

Guangzhou science and Technology Park inspired by the holding of enlightenment and Chinese ocean shipping group strong build, the park is located in Guangzhou Haizhuqu District city in an original shipyard site, on the east of Luoxi Bridge, north of Guangzhou City, South Central Expressway, south of the main channel of the Pearl River, covers an area of 62 thousand and 200 square meters.

park overall planning for the "two belts" and "three groups", "two belts" respectively along the Yangtze River in the coastline as a benchmark extension of the ocean theme creative zone and to rely on the cruise ship hull with leisure experience, "three groups" by the industrial supporting service group, to marine industry as the core of high-end research and development office the research group and innovation incubator industry group composition.

as a "marine science and technology, green ecology, coastal style" as the theme of the modern elements of marine science and Technology Innovation Park, the park will use the "Incubator + innovation training and angel investment and open platform" one of the four incubator model, focus on the marine industry as the focus of high-tech enterprises, electronic commerce enterprise, innovation entrepreneurial enterprises from start-up to the listing of the life cycle and the whole chain of services, and ultimately high-end innovative elements of the polymerization, high-tech enterprises and high-end talent gathered.

it is understood that the Guangzhou science and technology park after the first phase of the transformation of enlightenment park a total construction area will reach 41 thousand and 500 square meters, in accordance with the overall planning, the future park construction scale will be more than 120 thousand square meters, a total investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan, more than 200 enterprises and projects, enterprises in the park a total value of more than 20 billion yuan, the formation of national and international influential marine science and technology innovation park.

in the park to start the ceremony, enlightenment star 2016 venture in Guangzhou camp and camp, and held the opening project roadshow. Enlightenment star entrepreneurship camp by Tsinghua Science Park holdings global entrepreneurs launched large public entrepreneurship training and angel investment plan, entrepreneurship camp aims to help the industry leading enterprises gathered professional advantage, resources, technology entrepreneurship leading talent, promote the project to explore science and technology innovation, cultivate a world-class enterprise".

to participate in the roadshow including UAVs, marine autonomous robot, Yuanshui information water purifier, inspiration holdings industry YADU Technologies Co. Ltd. and Yuan water purifier information projects will be conducted in-depth cooperation consultation.

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