Chinese real estate rich history of Wang Shi

now, the rapid development of China’s real estate, the achievements of many rich. Recently, micro-blog has always been the disagreement of the real estate sector "Mingzui" Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang "in this extraordinarily". The 20 estate company jointly two days before each company took out 5 sets of houses, China formed the first real estate e-commerce alliance. According to the electricity supplier trading rules, people can buy a series of ways through the auction to self pricing, access to the market price is not higher than the discount".

rumors: first, Wang Shi early in 1980s to the development of Shenzhen. Others make surprise, Wang Shi the first pot of gold is done by the intermediary of feed, by reselling corn to come, and he earned 3 million yuan; second, Wang Shi   using corn earned money to run Shenzhen Modern Education Equipment Exhibition Center, engaged in electrical, instrumentation products imported from Japan, at the same time also engaged in garment factory, watch factory, beverage factory, printing factory, jewelry factory and so on. With Wang Shi’s words to say, "is   in addition to pornography, arms do, are related to the basic vanke."

: origin of military origin, is decisive, in early 80s to the sea, Vanke trader also repeatedly showed the spirit of daring decision.

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