n Hefei if you use WeChat red pay New Year’s call

is now a lot of people are still immersed in the joy of new year’s day, although the work, we recall that in those days, is the high frequency micro credit after all, gradually become the first choice to pay New Year’s call WeChat red, although not much money, but represents a thick flavor, in Hefei, more and more people used to pay New Year’s call the red envelope.

audio and video calls

became the new pay New Year’s call

this Spring Festival, WeChat expression and audio and video call feature has become the most convenient tool for users to express the new year’s blessing, share the joy of the new year. Data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat users sent 16 billion times including 37% expression, expression by 90 users issued, become WeChat’s main game player "expression, chicken down expression has become the hottest expression during the spring festival.

in addition, the new year’s Eve and new year’s day two days, WeChat users audio and video calls up to 2 billion 100 million minutes. Among them, the male to female call audio and video call duration accounted for 31%, ranked first, followed by female users between audio and video calls, accounted for 29%, female to male call audio and video calls accounted for 26%, the male between audio and video call duration accounted for 14%

Anhui red envelopes send and receive the number of 19 national

– WeChat red envelopes from the internal "fun" to today’s "New Year custom", through the four Spring Festival, has become a new tool for emotional expression instead of greeting cards, paper envelopes.

data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat Spring Festival Red transceiver reached number 46 billion, an increase of 43.3% last year.

Among them,

made the most red envelopes to Hunan, followed by Hunan – Guangdong, Guangdong – Guangxi, Guangxi – Guangdong, Beijing – Hebei.

in addition, Guangdong is more than 5 billion 840 million red envelopes to send and receive a few far ahead, as the Spring Festival, red envelopes". Followed by Jiangsu 2 billion 930 million, Shandong 2 billion 640 million, Hebei, the 2 billion 420 million.

and Anhui issued 220 million, received 830 million, ranking the country’s nineteenth.

Hefei people send and receive red envelopes 226 million, which issued a red envelope of 48 million, received a total of 178 million.

you is by WeChat red to pay New Year’s call? See the phone screen appears WeChat red envelopes, even small series are heart, you are the same? According to statistics, more people will join WeChat red to let more people can feel the strong flavor, so that the feeling is recommended

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