Chongqing colleges and universities need to set up a business class requires students to complete cr


business has become a fashionable and popular trend, especially in some colleges and universities, not only opened a number of business related courses at the same time, students need to seriously to learn this course.

10, the Chongqing municipal government issued "on deepening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The circular pointed out that this year the city will start a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Colleges and universities, the layout of 100 colleges and universities create space. Students access to innovation and entrepreneurship awards, participate in the creation of public space, independent business can be converted to credits, and the establishment of credit accumulation system.

100 in the public record layout space   construction of 20 training base

"Circular" pointed out that this year, the city will start a comprehensive university innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, the public record space layout 100. By 2017, a wide range of innovative entrepreneurship education, the formation of a number of innovative and innovative business education reform system results, the completion of the 20 colleges and universities demonstration public space.

to 2020, in the public record space as a symbol of students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovation ability significantly enhance the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship students increased significantly, system innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities has the characteristics of Chongqing formation.

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