What are the skills and methods to open the restaurant location

The development of the catering industry

forever urban field was very popular, there is no off-season, but want to run a successful restaurant is not an easy thing, the most important step is to choose a good store, location is very important. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the catering store location techniques.

The factors influence

1, regional economy. Food consumption is the payment of discretionary funds after people have enough funds to meet the basic needs of daily clothing, food, housing, travel and so on. The income level and the price level of an area can affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Generally, when people’s income increases, people are willing to pay higher value products and services, especially in the quality and level of food consumption will be increased, therefore, the restaurant chain enterprises generally should choose in economic prosperity, rapid economic development of the region.

2, regional planning. Before determining the restaurant chain, regional construction planning must consult the local relevant departments to understand and grasp the potential locations, which areas were planning is divided into commercial and cultural areas, tourist areas, transportation center, residential area, industrial zone, etc.. Because regional planning often involves building demolition and reconstruction, without understanding the selected chain enterprises blindly, in cost recovery before they encounter the demolition, the enterprise would suffer huge economic losses, or lose the original geographical advantage. At the same time, grasp the regional planning for us to determine the different types of business, according to the different regional types and operating specifications.

3, cultural environment. Cultural education, ethnic customs, religious beliefs, social customs, social values and cultural atmosphere constitute the social and cultural environment of a region. These factors affect people’s consumption behavior and consumption patterns, and determine the direction of income distribution. Generally speaking, the cultural quality of the people, the food and beverage consumption environment, the level of the requirements of people with low cultural quality. Different cultural environment, the impact of the size and scale of chain management.

4, consumer fashion. A period of fashion, often to a large extent affect consumer spending patterns and direction. With the enhancement of people’s consumption level, health concept, people pay more and more attention to the dining environment health food consumption, so the appearance of beautiful decoration, comfortable and clean restaurant chain is more and more accepted.

5, competitive landscape. The competitive situation of a regional food and beverage industry can be divided into two different parts. First, the assessment of direct competition, that is to provide the same kind of business projects, the same specifications, grades of food and beverage enterprises may lead to competition, which is a negative for food and beverage enterprises. Two is a non direct competition, including the different business content and variety, or the same

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