Perspective of individual entrepreneurs six points

many people now choose to start their own businesses, hoping to change their lives in this way. But the road to success is the success of people who have failed,   perspective of individual entrepreneurs six buttons, did you see my shadow?


with a good dinner acquaintance

lawyers year shareholder Chen Tiannan more companies in the media published, is "love the crisis. Chen Tiannan is a company president Hu Zhibiao of childhood partners, then invested equity, made for the development of "love" distinctions won in battle. But as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost, but finally he gave "love" fatal blow.

2. where busy rush where

3. myopic boss short-lived shop

4. Tandaqiuquan itdies

enterprises in the creation of future growth, is a necessary process. If the excessive pursuit of growth, is tantamount to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. In fact, business is like a marathon, not to see who is now running fast, but to see who can run in front of others at a critical moment. In the entrepreneurial process, when the enterprise benefit gradually, entrepreneurs can not blindly expand the scale of operations, and should pay attention to and properly handle the capital budget, pre market recommendation

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