Pet shop named dog dog like controversy

since it is a pet shop, a lot of people in the name of the hope that the name will be able to know that this is a pet shop, so, with the name of the pet store pet name is very much. A pet shop in Yuncheng will be "dog" as their name, hanging on the door, only to provoke criticism, some people say "dog" is the curse words, as a pet name is "lost face in Yuncheng".

it is a special pet name opened the chatterbox, we have talked about some rather personal names to see in their own lives.

starry sky: This pet shop called "dog model dog" is right, but it is not good to call out. The key should also take care of the public’s ability to accept the psychological, not by personal temperament. After all, the dog is brought in, the name is for people to see.

gold lattice Lee: "dog" reflects the store’s business projects, from the reading on the straightaway, not uncommon strange words, but also easy to remember the passers-by. But such a pet name too vulgar, but people usually think of it as a derogatory term to use, and the name of the conventional luck draw further apart.

: I think the name and the names is a reason, to be easy to remember, but also accord with people’s aesthetic, let you accept, sometimes is a kind of kitsch curry favour by claptrap.

bow long small: pet shop called dog model dog like is also good, the key to this dog like dog in some places in the dialect is the curse words, sounds awkward. Not only to attract the public eye with some strange and eccentric name, had become a popular joke.

rose in the dark: it’s better to call ya ya, "dog model dog" sounds very uncomfortable, a bit of the feeling of swearing. Remember there is a hair salon called "said today", was suspended and fined and ordered to cancel the name Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

fate Lin: as long as there is no violation of laws and regulations, within the scope of social morality to take some nifty name nothing. Alone on the dog model dog like, the people are operating pet products, not too much.

coffee beans: "dog model dog like" can be used in the dog shop, but somewhat awkward. People named is to give people a deep impression. Every business will always think of an appropriate product or service, and out of the ordinary name, is not easy!

what do you think of the name of a pet shop? Do you think this name is appropriate? While the business sector said that the name is not illegal, so it caused controversy is the moral aspect. Of course, almost every

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