The 9 industries are about to be shocked

1, shipbuilding enterprises — rshi sample: once a bank loan pumping

be unbearable to contemplate the consequences

because of dissatisfaction with the Chinese rshi Group Holdings Limited (01101.HK, hereinafter referred to as "rshi") can not be paid in a timely manner, and in July 1st 2, two days, part of the dispatch staff rshi rshi containment in Nantong factory door, hoping to recover salary.

2012 years, affected by the global shipping market downturn, the country’s largest private shipbuilding company is facing many challenges: a shortage of cash flow, the tightening of bank loans, the owner of the payment period prolonged and abandon the increase delay phenomenon also occurred frequently. Rumors about its imminent bankruptcy is more and more.

reported 2012, rshi revenue dropped 50%, only 7 billion 960 million yuan of income, while the loss of 570 million yuan.

"banks may be the icing on the cake, is unlikely to be timely assistance". Insiders pointed out that, once the bank began pumping loans, the industry will collapse Domino.

2, iron and steel industry: Ping special steel is now running

with an annual output of 800 thousand tons of special steel production capacity of Pingxiang Ping Special Steel Co., once the key investment projects in Anyuan District of Pingxiang city. It is the development of small steel enterprises have been fairly good, also fell into the boss run away before the storm.

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